inz it?? wtf is that!!

i dont buy made pop corn, i prefer buying the organic corn seed,( dont know the english name, as i can only find it in indian/asian grocers) not sure if they are known in english as corn seeds, its like the corn on the cob yellow corn, but not.. lolol

im sure you haz seen the pop corn seeds! no i recall the name corn kernels??

btw, starbucks in the uk is going to get raided tomorrow.. i will provide videos / pics and lulz.. they(starbucks) be trolling us now. they knew what we haz planned, so yesterday they announce,, 'oh we decide to pay tax now hur hurr' they will from next year pay ten million a year, but only for 2 years. then stop again (when corporate tax for them should be 30million a year!) they haz paid no tax since 2009.

the faggits think they live!

couple of us will be performing a hack on the wi fi they haz, we will also try to hack the main city centre tv screen

which i think u recall from your occupy thread, as i had a pic with an old english dude under the tv lols

le tv.

plan is; plan on doing hacking at this protest. Wi-Fi protesting, Starbucks Wi-Fi DoS and Email bombing

we haz a few laptops set up with MDK3 (Murder Death Kill 3), and wireshark and/or ettercap to packet sniff etc. (:

we will also be advertising our mega flashmobevent for 5th jan

some oc for you