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Thread: Question for religious people

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    how can you believe something you have never seen or logically produced?thatz when faith comes in,you can't see it but theres hope(confidence)
    the devil test'd jesus in the wilderness,another thing i might know plenty of knowledge but if i'm not step'n out"faith",I'm sleep,so now i'm at the point to see how strong my faith iz not cause someone has dug alittle deeper than i have,just like on dat rza track "a day to god iz a 1000 yrs" you have to master your common sense"right or wrong".
    how do you know its a he and not a she? it sayz it in the scripture

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    It's the same reason for most religious people, I grew up around it. now you can't say for that fact religion is nothing more than my upbringing, religion is never more true if you discover it through searching for "truth" or whatever.

    i never even fully understood what i was doing until i was confirmed, it opened my eyes, and i have found absolutely nothing wrong with my religion. people misinterpret it, and judge it, but it doesn't sway me away from it. people say soo many bad things about what i believe in, it saddens me because they have the most warped view on what it is i believe, i can understand it pretty good in my mind, but i struggle to connect my thoughts into words.
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