The first time i saw this show was when i saw it at the library. So i decided to check it out. I had saw the previews for it awhile ago before i got it from the library but the channel it comes on, i don't think i have and it comes on late when i'm in the bed. I like Idris Elba and he's a good actor. He plays a british cop on the show and the dvd i got from the library for season 2, i liked what i saw. So i bought the first season from Walmart yesterday and i haven't watched it yet. Has anybody seen this show? I'm gonna check him out on The Wire tv show because i've never seen it. I saw season 3 or season 4 of The Wire at a bookstore today when i saw him on the cover with Wood Harris and i'm gonna buy it later. I was watching him in The Takers movie last week. I like that movie.