It trips me out the hate that Kim gets from women. I don't hear men hating on her because they wanna fuck her hahahahahahahahaha. Women i think are jealous of her because she's hot. I've heard some women complain about her voice and the only reason she's successful is because she got on a reality show and she did a sex tape with Ray J. I think she would've been successful in showbiz if she hadn't did a reality show because she's hot. I like the fact that she's gotten involved in having a clothing line and beauty products line. She hasn't been able to keep a man though and she needs to work on being in a stable relationship. I don't know how long her relationship with Kanye will last but if it lasts long, i'll be surprised. Kris Humphries needs to settle his divorce with her and stop bitching about the type of person she is. Move on to the next woman Kris.