to Mike Tyson? I've heard her get called a golddigger several times and i never understood that because any black woman that gets with Mike Tyson is gonna be after his money and not be in love with him LOL. So why Robin gotta be a golddigger? Robin went to college and has a college degree and she was a actress when she was with Mike. So i doubt it that she was after his money. I even read a book about her life and she said she loved Mike. She said she liked how he approached her and she said their first date was good. I think Robin is hot and i've always been a fan. I don't know if she's a golddigger and she may be because black actor Joseph Philips who was Halle Berry's boyfriend in Strictly Business movie and The Cosby Show tv show said he tried to date her before she was a actress and he said she wasn't interested in black men that are educated like him. He said that she liked ignorant men LOL. So i guess i can see why she married Mike LOL. She was young and dumb then. So i think her choice of black men has changed. I like her movies Boomerang, Book Of Love, Flip The Script, Restraining Order. Her birthday is this month and she's gonna be 48 and she still looks good. I'm watching a recent interview of her on Youtube now.