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Thread: My apologies to Cappadonna

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    Default My apologies to Cappadonna

    I'm not proud of what i have done. Back in 2003 or 2004 when Cappadonna was down on his luck i took advantage of him. He did an interview online in which he gave out his real number. I decided to hit it him up for a collaboration. I told him my name was "Dark Miracle" an upcoming producer from the Washington DC area and i would like to do collaboration for my mixtape "still on the grind". He asked me to email him a beat and wire transfer $1000 via Western Union. I sent him the beat and less than 30 minutes later Cappadonna recorded the song. I sent him a beat by the artist Fat Jon "Dreamers" to spit on. This whole thing has been hunting me for years; knowing that i made a fool out of someone who was going through hard times.

    I changed my number because Cappa was blowing my phone asking for his money. Other than myself; no one has ever heard the song. I made a promise to myself to never leak it. If anyone knows how i can get in touch with Cappadonna; please let me know. I intend on paying him his dough and get this shit behind so i can have a peace of mind.
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