aiyo check my shit out, this just dropped on Creative Juices Music

17 Tracks produced by Junior Makhno
Featuring Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Vinnie Paz, Spit Gemz, Shaz Illyork, JMega, Lord Lhus, Nems, IDE & Alucard, Jise One, Chief Kamachi, Kwote1, Homeboy Sandman, Beeyoudee, Ching Rock, Genocide, Heddshotts, Vendetta Kingz, CF, Fatha Death, Kouzď, Critical, Beeyoudee, DJ TMB, DJ Trickalome, DJ Fresh Cut, Shallow Pockets, Mygrane

(Soon on iTunes and on your favourite bootleg blogs lol)

Video teaser right here: