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as in this simulation, this reality, is not doing what its supposed to be doing

instead it has been hacked..

everything is real in this reality... the base wavelengths are what have been hacked, those wavelengths are decoded by our bodies, to make everything become real.

its like having cable signal. but no decoder to relay that shit to your tv.

or if u want to listen to radio waves, you need a receiver..

the human body is just a decoder to experience this holographic reality

so it's real to some part of us right ?

if it wasn't, we wouldn't have invented the word "Real"

when the hairs of your balls get caught on the elastic of your draws, that shit is very real - right ?

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LOL - this is the question of the millenium. It makes me wonder why soul spends so much time attempting to be an activist or internet freedom fighter.

why are you a cop ?