Peace family:

I haven't checked in since the summer. I hope everyone is blessed.

When I first heard KP's BIBLE 10 years ago, it sparked my spiritual journey. It's been complicated, painful, and liberating--and it was on this journey I crossed paths with my beloved brother, Pharaoh's Nemesis. I've always wanted to do something over the track, as it's so special to me. I'm pleased to say that everything has finally fallen into place. I pray that you all enjoy our rendition. I understand and respect that peoples' experiences with the Divine (or lack thereof, in some cases) are unique and fluid; these are our respective journeys. We wish you love, peace, and happiness on yours.

Bible Inspiration Borns Love Equality:

Also, my other group, Three Kings, has a single called "Dreamin'," [Prod. by Bigg Scott- 7XL Productions], which will be featured on the upcoming film, "Dead In 5 Heartbeats."

Here's a teaser for the film:

Here's Dreamin' by Three Kings:

And our Official Three Kings Music Video:

We'd love it if you guys could help share our message of God-Hop; we need to starting elevating the human family--no more industry garbage!

Thanks so much for your time guys!

Peace and Love,