Ignorant black men always keep drama going because they like starting shit and getting in trouble. I just thought about this the other day because i've heard black men complain about black women calling them drama queens. Black men are worse than black women because there's more black men in prison, more black men getting killed and more black men being expelled from school because of their ignorance and they love being ignorant. So black men need to look at themselves instead of saying black women love drama because black men love drama more than them. I agree with Vivica Fox when she said in 2 Can Play That Game movie that black men are worse than black women when it comes to gossip because they love to talk about something they've seen or something they know LOL. Even though i agree with Vivica, i think black women are worse because they gossip and talk on the phone more than black men LOL. Black women are better than black men when it comes to getting a education because as ya'll can see, black women are the head of the household now because there's a lot of black women raising kids by themselves and more of them got jobs than black men. That's why i don't have a lot of black men friends because i don't like their ignorance and ignorant black men don't like me because i'm not ignorant.