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Thread: Keith Murray's Straight Loonie And Take It To The Streets Songs

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    Default Keith Murray's Straight Loonie And Take It To The Streets Songs

    These songs are on his first album The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World and they're hard. I love the beats on these songs. I was listening to them today. Straight Loonie has Jamal of Illegal and Erick Sermon also rapping. Busta Rhymes produced the song. Props to Busta for that beat. I didn't know he was a producer. Take It To The Streets has Keith's crew L.O.D. I think Erick Sermon produced that. It's sad that Keith didn't have any good albums after his first one because he's a good rapper. Enigma album is alright but i love his first album because he had several good songs. His collabo album with Canibus sucked because i heard the beats and i wasn't liking them. That sucks because the album could've been good if they had good beats when you consider him and Canibus are very good rappers. I liked his mixtape Kickin Ass. He had some good beats on there and he had a few songs dissing Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Does anybody know how many mixtapes he's done? I know he did another one called Intellectual Violence which is the same title as his last album title.

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    Keith is cool but fuck Canibus and his bullshit
    cash rules. still don't nothin move but the money

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