I haven't seen anybody hotter than these white actresses. Charlize and Megan are smoking hot. Megan has done a lot of bad movies though LOL. Charlize has done a few good movies. She did win a oscar for Monster. That's good that Charlize took a role like Monster so people could see that she doesn't always have to look good in every movie she's in. Nikki Cox, Diane Lane, Amy Smart, Kim Cattrall, Molly Sims(she's also a model), Brooklyn Decker, Beau Garrett and Sharon Stone are my other favorite white actresses that i think are hot. I haven't seen too many white actresses as hot as Charlize, Megan, Nikki Cox though. Nikki's titties are big and she got a nice ass too. I don't know if ya'll remember Nikki from Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas tv shows. I think most men remember her from Unhappily Ever After because of the sexy outfits that she wore on there. I can't believe she was married to white goofy actor Bobcat Goldthwait who was in Police Academy 3 and 4 movies LOL.