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There's a difference between your opinion and the way you are obsessed with people who still like GZA's music. GZA only has 1 album that was mehh to some fans and that's Pro Tools. Raekwon had Lex Diamond but after that he delivered a good album with Cuban Linx 2 which took forever. You really are a hypocrite. Raekwon can record himself fart on a record and you would still like it. Just wait until this drops before you start hating.
Ok. I've said myself that Gza has only one wack album. Grandmasters was ok. So wtf are you talking about? Do the knowledge. What I'm saying now and for the past 10 gza threads is that this shit ain't coming out. On top of the Dry flow/delivery he has now. Stop trying to bring other rappers into the equation all the time to make yourself look good. Raekwon has far better work ethic than Gza. enough said.