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your examples failed. i don't consider plants and herbs that were freely available a commodity.

if the groups who were good at hunting ate good and had their own pelts and was able to gather their own plants and herbs, what could a next man offer him? a next man that ain't good at hunting isn't gonna have pelts to trade.
But one group may have known where to find certain plants/herbs that others didn't or were unable to get to. Just cos they grew wild doesn't mean it was a freely available commodity for everyone.

As for the pelts, one group could have a very succesful period of hunting and had gathered excess of what they actually needed. Doesn't mean they would always be successful though. If there was times when food was scarse then they would have something to trade with if another group were doing well at that time..... or they could have just massacred the other group and took everything off them!

None of us can say for certain