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Thread: Myalansky - America's Most Wanted: Interview + track by track rundown "Wu-Syndicate"

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    Default Myalansky - America's Most Wanted: Interview + track by track rundown "Wu-Syndicate"

    Last year we interviewed Myalansky (Wu-Syndicate) when he dropped his first AMW mixtape. Myalansky who was just released from prison, had wasted no time and had, besides the mixtape, started working on his solo album immediately. In the meantime he has released a second volume of AMW and now completed the AMW trilogy with the third volume which is now also available in physical copies. Wu-International sat down again with Mya to see how the work on his solo album was going and the possible Wu-Syndicate album which had been mentioned on our last interview. While at it we had a look at the album that put Myalanski, Joe Maffia and Napoleon on the Wu map back in 1999: “Wu-Syndicate”, as we ran down the classic album track by track to serve all Wu-Syndicate fans an interesting piece of history. Enjoy!

    read full interview here: http://www.wu-international.com/misc...Interview3.htm

    separate track by track rundown of the 1999 "Wu-Syndicate" album here: http://www.wu-international.com/misc...yndicateRV.htm

    Enjoy !

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    Ghetto Syringe feat. 12 o'Clock [Produced by Dj Devastator] :
    This track was written in Cali, we was at the Kenwood apt.. Burbank Twelve o clock wasnt even on the track at first but La the Darkman was but some how through politics that changed... La the Darkman murdered the track.

    i wanna hear this joint with LA

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