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    Default 88-Keys

    seeing the credits "produced by 88-Keys" was always a good sign back in the late '90s/early '00s. often bringing a rather somber feeling to his beats, many times centering on some ill accoustic guitar and bringing a quite jazzy vibe. i never really got a grip of who he was, but almost all his beats did impress me back then, and together with people like Hi-Tek he kind of embodied the sound of Rawkus in my mind.

    in 2008 he also released a solo album called "Death Of Adam", with Kanye West as the executive producer. i was hyped when i heard he was releasing a solo album but once it dropped i actually never gave it a chance, i heard a single or two and it didn't sound at all like i expected. much more commercial, more in the vein of Kanye's stuff. i could be wrong about this, and i will give it the time but i was wondering what your opinions on that album is?? worth checking out or not?

    also what's your own favorite 88 Keys beats?

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    88-keys is dope he's got a differing speed in beats thats makes having him produce a variety from what other heads are doing like beanie sigel's "watch your bitches" off the reason to the jay-z & kanye west "no church in the wild" thats some drastic stylings versitlity

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