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Thread: do you know this feel bros??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sole controller View Post
    wow, i thought u was 18/19/20 ish..

    i agree chemists are shitty, i only trust the ones where my moms cousin brother works as a locum, the others give shitty brands of the same drugs.. my mother has hyper pulmonary tension, and is on oxygen, her disease was caused by her old gp, who prescribed her high blood pressure tablets for over 15 years.. when she never needed any!! course the old gp made a lot of cash of prescribing drugs that people didnt needs!

    my moms goes to cambridge (papworth) hospital every few months

    i share my moms with my sister.. lolol we have her for like 2 years each.. ive had her since august!! dont know how im going to cope for another 18months of being restricted,.,lol

    they're always other options.. what do you use pharmaceuticals for? (if u dont mind sharing)

    there is always natural treatments out their.. from homeopathy to reiki, to vibrational healing, to reflexology.. or just eating the natural products that go into making the man made tablets/pills..

    i meant normal people, who dont use man made drugs, but are still pawns, due to social services, or due to statutes/regulations (ie paying council tax/tv license) or those who eat gmo food, not knowing all the info

    all them peoples is pawns.. but those pawns i can let slide.. as they know no better.. the ones who claim to be awake, and know better, but still do that shit

    are teh real pawns
    Lol, not sure if serious but I'm same age as you!

    Yeah, pharmaceuticals is something I have a lot of experience of, both as a consumer and having worked in that industry for a long time....

    Big money is made all the way along the chain, from manufacture upto the point where you get handed it by your chemist. Obviously there will be a few ethical chemists but most of them have all sorts of scams going on so they can claim back huge amounts of cash from the goverment. If it was more closely regulated then costs to the NHS could be slashed!
    I used to be shocked at the money involved sometimes!

    I agree with you about natural treatments but let's be real, they aren't an alternative to modern medicine. (I tried doing a meditation course, lasted 3 weeks lol!) If someone wants to try them alongside medication then I think that should be encouraged and can be beneficial to people but it would be foolish and irresponsible to tell someone to stop taking medication and try to get better through meditation/reflexology or any other natural treatment alone

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