It's been a family staple and all my work experience was there (real work not odd or summer jobs) so i said wtf why not. In reality after highschool i was a pretty shitty student but wanted to go to college so i picked something easy, which was a moronic mistake. I'm not as immature now, so it's all easy and thus I'm going to do something that actually pertains to the human race and money. And I'm really good at it, which you would think is a given for anyone but it's really not.

I didn't mind the work, and counselors make paper if they know how to work, but its a sham industry that will only leaving wonder what was so bad about euthanasia. The entire human services industry is a mess and a fraud and the humans being serviced are barely human.

One thing they have in common is they seem not to care about any living thing except themselves. One guy stopped drinking for 1 day and had such an intense seisure that he was bleeding at the mouth and choking on his tongue. The rest of them, except 1 from bosnia that didn't know english was the only one that reacted, the rest kept watching the game, even turning up the volume. This is completely normal for them.

Dont think just cause someone doesn't have money that they deserve money. Fuck that. You can read someone's merit or character based on the naive notion that everyone should have a lot of material possessions. In the end of the day these guys just suck at life and often suck at like because they're depolarble people that put things before the people that loved them like alcohol, drunks and dick sucking, so when these things eventually killed them they had nobody to fall back on.

You have to wonder how someone can be homeless in country where the government will buy you a home. 99% of them qualify for disability as well, usually for mental disorders, serving in the army, or just being a fat ass.

one guy is literally homeless cause he's a fat ass and only thinks about food. He's too fat to properly wash his own ass and everywhere he goes he smells like Skampoe. It makes everyone around him nauseous to the point of near vomitting and he won't go wash his ass. You tell him, bro we need you to take a shower and he goes 'i take one everyday'. Simply because he's too lazy to care about everyone elses personal space.

He rides around in a wheel chair but the other day i saw him walking, albeit slowly, but walking to get a box of cookies through a messy terrain his wheel chair couldn't navigate through. I'm not making this up. All the industry will do is make you wonder why he's alive. Stay away from it. They don't need food either, they need coats and blankets if your going to sympathize with the poor, most missions get too much food and the whole place smells like rotting lettuce and 400 pound assy residue.

I personally don't like the poor. Fuck em. They're very consistently selfish assholes from hell. The rich are cool as fuck dude. Idk why everyone hates them. Probably envy, idk, but rich ppl just mind their business and maintain sensible lifestyles.