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Thread: Metal Gear Solid "The Phantom Pain" trailer (MGS5?)

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    Default Metal Gear Solid "The Phantom Pain" trailer (MGS5?)

    This is a great holiday for us gamers. A few incredible games have been announced for release on 2013, and today I gonna show you what Santa have for us. An epic trailer was released over the weekend about a new game from Konami. Apparently this could be Metal Gear Solid 5 called "The Phantom Pain" by a developer studio called Moby Dick (Possibly a fictitious studio).

    MGS5 The Phantom Pain trailer

    IGN Rewind Theater - The Phantom Pain Trailer

    IGN News - Pointing out some more clues

    Looking at the trailer it's evident that Big Boss on Ground Zero and Phantom Pain are different ages meaning that these 2 games are from different times. What puzzles me is the timeline between them, because of what I could see the Phantom Pain Snake looks a bit younger than the one on Ground Zero.

    Metal Gear Solid V "The Phantom Pain"

    Kojima's team conference regarding the Fox engine:

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - TGS 2013 PS4 Demo Walkthrough (Day)

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - TGS 2013 PS4 Demo Walkthrough (Night)

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