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Thread: "12 Reasons to Die", Adrian Younge Interview on Wu-International

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    Default "12 Reasons to Die", Adrian Younge Interview on Wu-International

    Last couple of weeks we finally saw Ghostface and Sheek Louch release their well-received Wu-Block album. The collabo album had met with some delays and was pushed back till the end of November which (unfortunately) led to another Ghostface project getting pushed back several months. If the Wu-Block album was Ghost ( and the other Generals to a lesser extent) choosing to team up with a well-known crew in hip hop such as D-Block then “12 Reasons to Die” is Ghostface going for a much lesser known name in the music scene: Adrian Younge. Adrian who? Adrian Younge …

    In a few months we might not get that “Adrian who?!?” reaction anymore. Soul Temple producer and A&R Andrew Kelley has more than once expressed his faith and great belief in this upcoming soul musician/producer who was asked to produce an entire album for Ghostface. Ghostface Killah has always been using and showing his love for 70ies soul music throughout his work. Adrian Younge has an equal love for all things 70ies soul (and funk) but combines it with a fascination for instrumental music or movie scores from the likes of Ennio Morricone, Air and Portishead. A combination of these two minds might turn out as promising as it is unexpected.

    So far not much is known about this project: we know it’s titled “12 Reasons to die” and will be combined with a comic of the same title, it is as said entirely produced by Adrian Younge and the artwork we saw appear online so far looks just great. Andrew Kelley described its sound as “early Gravediggaz, super dark, grimy, raw New York shit”. And that’s about it, no?

    Somewhere in the coming weeks a first track will be leaked to give everyone an idea of what they can expect from this combination of musical minds. To ease the waiting, Wu-International reached out to Adrian Younge for an interview about this exciting project which is for now scheduled for a release in February. Who is Adrian Younge? How did he get chosen to produce this album? Why combined with a comic book ? What can we expect? What about this Ghostface and Adrian Younge tour next year? And what else has this upcoming artist been up to in the past for those interested ? So many questions, time to find out. Enjoy!

    Read full interview here: http://www.wu-international.com/misc..._Interview.htm
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    Great interview, thanks. This album will be some of the greatest shit in the last couple of years for sure with Younge's sound.

    No sampling? Should be interesting, but I will always prefer sampling hiphop above live instrumentation hiphop, but I do get his point about limitations, but these limitations are also the power of a sampler.

    Lol @ his 12 reasons to die

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    I wonder why he has Meth's Wu symbol on the cover

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    Looking forward to hearing this project

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    Adrian is a great addition to the Wu empire. he knows his stuff and just wants to make good music. this album sounds like it's going to be record of the year material

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    What and where can we find this "leaked" track from this album they apparently dropped today?!?!?!?!? Thoughts fam?

    Counting the minutes 2 this one. Can't fucking wait!

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    Props on the interview dope as usual, I got a suggestion tho yall should really try and interview THe Honorable Rev Burks.
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