...r.i.p. to Q.Don [Raynell]...
...that mustaí been in ZOOO...Q-Don was brethren
got shot to death with a heat-seeking missile...and the beef ainít deaded
yeah, it goes far back as rca,
and their first rap artist was from Philly [Sean Gís] signed in late '80s who got sniped [or knifed] away [on el platform]...
..they ainít see any signs of the culprit...the culprit was the culture
the business was the vulture...now the gameís about to be over
had ant christ kidnapping the God
with the apple putting my back against the wall...
the odds are even...to even the odds
realms I developed to envelop truth buried alive
for steady income and regular job to be a natural born entrepreneur
to kidnap outer-space from the door
your throw-aways may go under the floor
stowaways buried under the shore...
..itís basically too late for the game, you see
which is right on time for me, so thatís okay to me,
because thereís only a need for me to relay the hell in me verses the real thatís me
once a sample hits the streets to make those who never believed truly believe
to rearrange the game to our standards of what itíll be
Iím the one with the c13arance to stifle your vision
with corrective supervision to put your life on a mission
you can eat your words later, but Iím right with my thinking...