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Thread: exerpts of the c13arance

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    Default exerpts of the c13arance

    ...r.i.p. to Q.Don [Raynell]...
    ...that mustaí been in ZOOO...Q-Don was brethren
    got shot to death with a heat-seeking missile...and the beef ainít deaded
    yeah, it goes far back as rca,
    and their first rap artist was from Philly [Sean Gís] signed in late '80s who got sniped [or knifed] away [on el platform]...
    ..they ainít see any signs of the culprit...the culprit was the culture
    the business was the vulture...now the gameís about to be over
    had ant christ kidnapping the God
    with the apple putting my back against the wall...
    the odds are even...to even the odds
    realms I developed to envelop truth buried alive
    for steady income and regular job to be a natural born entrepreneur
    to kidnap outer-space from the door
    your throw-aways may go under the floor
    stowaways buried under the shore...
    ..itís basically too late for the game, you see
    which is right on time for me, so thatís okay to me,
    because thereís only a need for me to relay the hell in me verses the real thatís me
    once a sample hits the streets to make those who never believed truly believe
    to rearrange the game to our standards of what itíll be
    Iím the one with the c13arance to stifle your vision
    with corrective supervision to put your life on a mission
    you can eat your words later, but Iím right with my thinking...

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    my team is map orientated, my meaning is wrath orientated
    no secret, the math add up in paper
    the ride through he’ll already traveled, so I made it
    put the earth on mental-pause, force falling off
    put the word out we’re on a tour, the world's course is war
    it’s no more ifs, ands or buts about it
    no sentences at all, just a verse about it
    yeah, Jay told me of how Big Demi felt torn
    ‘cause of how Q-Don passed away in his arms...
    ...and every day I get closer to being 360 degrees
    doors to the vault close and lock for eternity, and I’m the eternal key
    try to burden me, with luck, you’ll see an infirmary
    won’t be a program to end urban blight
    that can catch up to the devastation
    that’s cosmetic, a band-aid, when our minds are the wasteland...

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    ...this exerpt touches on the significance of phila.'s 336th murder victim in 2005..entry dated 7.24.2007...

    ...on my own I go apeshit as white out to erase shit
    perfect example? 336th killed by caucasian white lady, in zoos [2005]
    believe me, the jauns [females] see me and won’t reach,
    but dancing that wu' dance and acting a fool
    I knew the message in the chorus to "Yah’Mean"
    by the method of my own madness? murders rose..I’m clean
    all it took was the symbol of the holy grail...
    ..a woman’s legs lead a whole heep a’ landlovers out to sail
    I can about say since the business with luci is unfinished...
    ..this is nothing new, they won’t get to cruise past scrimmage lines
    I gotta’ redefine contract language
    I don’t suffer any contact’s anguish
    we wanna’ get money over there? I’ll earthquake a combat canvass
    and do what it takes to have my hands on that ransom...

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    Dope work

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    always 'preciate the feedback.
    now this next exerpt is from 11.11.11, starts out touching on when I schizzed and seen the wu emblem on t.v. and "they" called me out, back in '99 pr '00 maybe..

    ...any significance lost in the contrast of the worldís atlas
    Iím just a living contract, thinking how the wuí sought me out via comcast
    not a fan aí man, Iím the bombís blast
    I had to fight against the notion of, any assumption that I follow them, naw
    found out they follow me, The Father, The Sun
    trying aí find how to confide in me
    met up with l.e.k. to seal the leak
    wuímen, gotsí to deliver me the w8men for me to be no longer formerly
    signs I accumilated...the only dark spaces illuminated is where luci raided
    makes the enigma a bit confused and tainted
    man, I just think whoís the mother, and the truthís restrained then
    I mean, between the father, the son, and the wholy ghost
    and what lucy knows, how luci know not to step on my toes
    I ainít about getting benched now, Iím about dollars and cents now
    but thatís at yíall expense now
    $10 million the father turned down?
    j. edgar had his cointelpros busy at work...foul
    thanksgiving turkey shit, get you fat, bake you dead
    I ainít giving up my nation, we the ungrateful dead
    2-4ís part of the swastika, resurrected
    by whom? nebudchadnezzar?
    most let the matrix slip in codes to let lucipher live longer
    shiii, Iím just still taking this all in
    trying aí wake up since june of í69
    í98 luci said he goní bring me to the light...
    ..yeah, but uh, thatís illuminati on...a complex web
    now they nigga rottinís r.i.p.íd...
    ..my ears shot, steady ringing like ebs
    my third eye tuned in like cbs...
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    Default from 12.11.11 entry

    pardon me, a lotta' material to dump on 'em. whoever pay attention, see suh'm interestin' and consider these as lessons?...

    ...I'll catch up to muhammad knight like he's tater tots
    maybe to commend his thoughts and research
    but to let 'em know I'm found in these dirts
    the father'd be risen outta' me
    but of Him I'm a dichotomy, of reverse psychology
    this is where the blockbster story is, ground floor with it
    13th of 6.69 where the glory is
    case still a frozen stiff
    baby luc' on some omen shit
    maybe he can let me know who ordered my hit
    meanwhile...you wuímen is like, yo...Iím not the mimicking type
    so I need my w8man tonight and my wuí/w8men to fight for me
    a figure of light, not luciferian slight
    tho my name broken down was ant christ
    í96 flipped from í69 when I was shot down to the lower bowel
    ate by s.p., the upside-down head with aí open mouth
    peninsula paralleling the bx peninsula too
    phila. experiment, who knew? the names are a few
    I ainít perpetrating any fraud
    sure Ďnuff wish I ainít have to take this shit anymore
    if I wish I could help the bricks
    which ones of Ďem still tryiní aí play tough as a brick wall?
    see you in my location, Iím aiming to fit yíall in a pitfall
    if Iím at galilee 2.15
    was I the scientist the catholic church tried to ostracize?
    nobodyís in-formation, too scared to assemble into another continent.
    zionism mightaí went
    but who breaking through the linguistics?
    who making moves beyond physics thatís non-mystic?
    is the con shifting from lucille the bitch to the profit?
    naw, the bitches is not shit if Iím not picked
    if the background is my back to yíall gossip
    when I turn around, guess what Iím in your mouths withÖ
    ..now, what about the nature of the bankers?
    why is malcom x now chase manhattan?
    hexed maybe. ..well, it just may be he asked for it
    karma builds like past storage
    those who donít like what Iím saying, ask for me
    might get lucifer playing like...since they donít think what Iím sayingís right...
    ..shiii, lucií cannot prophesize, heís not a prophet
    itís just about the dollar signs, so I said heís the profit
    Ďcause the people is often making choices to ruin my psyche
    Iím aí go on and write this out how Iím aí ride this out, and itís on yíall to find me
    the wuímen hold the secret then, and lucifer will not winÖ
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    Default excerpt from 10.17.12

    ..right, you can forgive/pardon the biases I laced this piece with, or, well, yo, Iím here to give a message, eh...
    ...concentration camping out with my nation, a compilation
    our waists hammered down, off safety to waste men
    yíalls safety ainít there then... how do lucille want to drill?
    in your anus Iím gonnaí drill
    Iím not slow, uranus co-rules with the water boy
    youíll capsize before rowing your boat ashore
    my wuímen ether not playing, or Iím not paying for sex
    but I am tempted to part with part of my checkÖ
    ..so I strangle my neck Ďtil my head gush my kids
    I call a chick only to keep in-touch with a b!#ch
    sheís slow to choose me, meanwhile I get shot to death
    my optionís to brand myself ant christ and be hexed
    the 5 points of a goat referred to as baphemat
    yeah, well itís all rhetoritic Ďtil you realize what is left
    there seems to be a failure in our communication
    some kid said I am nimrod, for now itís speculation
    but I can see how itís real, the wolf hunter flipped from the shepherd
    so whoís alleging anything that I did was senseless?
    even when I went in on my own blood tee-tee
    notice that I never slept, no bedsheets in tee-pees
    part chippewa, all black, speckle of white devil
    I am my own combat zone, relations not settled
    just because they wannaí procreate the oreo race
    Iíll sherman hensley s.p. strut all on they graves
    Iím so demanding, obey, I demand it
    okay, if you doubt, gravitate off the planet
    without a smoke, drink, sniff, or a fresh needle track, son
    the bees came for me..the beetles came for manson
    Iím realer than crazy, I am sun tzu
    author of the art of war, a.k.a. sun wu
    I know you saw the raw evidence yíall ignore
    thereís an eternal debt owed for what I endure
    any rap skill evolved still is a dollar short
    pay it all to me or be dissolved into a sauce
    I am gabí the gift, harbinger of revelations
    the beast with the 666, I call for his resignation
    your profit muhammad talks from his imagination
    if Iím not recognized as allah in yíall ragged nation
    I come for nothing else but to war on your faggot fake shit
    Iím relaxed..you best to give me mine or get bath-tub naked...

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