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^^^^What happens when eurocrackers listen to rap music. Note the elevated aggression level and usage of the word "son".

Would you be interested in being featured in a public service announcement I've been working on, Friend?
So tell me, where does your language originate from?...
Funny thing tho' the peeps that originated the english language, also learned me how to speak it, (eventho' i ain't english) that's my third fuck you.
Now first of all, the usage of the word "son" has never belonged to you, your culture or your country. In my country it's been used for ages just like the way you use it nowadays, i'm sorry if i sound aggressive, just cause' i called you a faggot.. it's just me being polite SØN!

Now i might be interested in doing that, if you got cash, no fucking freebies here søn.