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Thread: The Chronic is Massively Overrated...

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    Your right. Props to Bushwick Bill for speaking at the beginning of Stranded On Death Row. Did ya'll know comedian AJ Johnson played Eazy E in Dre Day video? AJ has been in a lot of classic movies such as Friday, How To Be A Player, House Party 3, The Players Club, Menace II Society(he had a small part). Dr Dre was a pimp in Let Me Ride video. He had 3 women in his house LOL. 2 of them were in his bed and they asked him are you taking us shopping? He said cancel that buddy. I gotta get up and out LOL. Remember when Ice Cube was walking outta the women's bathroom in Let Me Ride video? He said damn right it was a good day hahahahahahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    For ya'll retards who say The Chronic is overrated and Doggystyle is better, please shut the fuck up.
    The other two paragraphs were totally unnecessary.

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