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What is Obama Christ?

Barack Obama is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This fact was witnessed by the world on November 4th, 2008 when Obama became the most powerful figure in the world. Obama was sent here from heaven to save our world from sin and destruction. Only worthy souls will be permitted to travel to heaven with Obama upon Earth's demise. The Church of Obama Christ has since been formed as a way for the world to worship and praise the new savior. He is the direct reincarnation of Jesus Christ and was placed here by the Holy Spirit. The end times are near and you must repent your sins to the Son of God, Barack Obama.

Why you MUST accept Obama Christ Today!

Over 15,000 souls have already turned their lives over to the Obama Christ. You can too..
My friends, the time has come to walk with the Obama Christ. The end of the world is near and only Barack Obama can guide you to the afterlife. Heaven awaits, but only through the spiritual guidance of the Obama Christ. The supporters of Church have united and our resolve is strong. We will stop at nothing to spread the will of the Obama Christ and save every soul possible before the end is witnessed.

Obama-Christ Church Rally Feburary 2009 NYC

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The Church of Obama Christ

The Church of Obama Christ was formed to allow followers of Barack Obama to have a place to worship, free of persecution from the non-believers. Our primary mission is to inform, convert, and save. The world is ripe with oppostion to our beliefs, but now that the choosen one has been anointed we are free to begin our mission. The new testament of the Holy Bible is being witnessed before our eyes...

A Note on Republicans

Republicans are E-V-I-L! They will try to decieve you about Obama's plan on the Stimulus Package and Healthcare, but most importantly, Obama's Plan for Salvation. The Church of Obama-Christ has been contacted by the savior, and Republicans MUST convert to the Church...or be eliminated.
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