Women Sue for Humiliating Cavity Search From State Troopers (Video)

"A Texas woman and her niece are suing a pair of Texas state troopers and the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety for what they claim was an unconstitutional and "humiliating" roadside body cavity search earlier this year.

According to NBC News, 38-year-old Angel Dobbs and 24-year-old Ashley Dobbs from Irving, Tex., were driving along Highway 161 on July 13, when they were stopped for allegedly littering by State Trooper David Farrell."*

Video shows Angel Dobbs and her niece Ashley Dobbs being groped by a Texas State Trooper after they were thought to have marijuana. Now the women are suing for the humiliating genital search. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the invasive search and drug policing in contrast to gun regulation.