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    Miranda Lambert "Over You"

    She's Better

    Avril Lavigne "I'm With You"

    She's Better

    It's pretty evident in this performance, where Cassadee is asked to perform in a lower register, so as not to "show up" Ms. Lavigne.

    Keith Urban "Stupid Boy"

    She's WAY better

    Faith Hill "Cry"

    Cmon son.

    Ok. So I'm addicted to the Voice. I admit it. The bromance between Blake and Adam, the elaborate costumes by Cee Lo, and the "guess which geometric shape my hack job boobs will be in today" moments with Christina Aguilera have me insanely hooked. This season was probably the best of them all so far. Season 1 was really good, but I predicted the winner (from my hometown) in the blind auditions. Season 2 was interesting because the best did not win, and America had nothing to do with it. Christina the egomaniac, in her infinite wisdom decided to eliminate, not only hers, but the competition's best in Jesse Campbell, on a performance of Halo, in which pictures of him and his daughter, who were living out of a car 1 year earlier, were displayed, because quote, "I didn't see as much growth as the other competitors."

    Season 3 certainly featured more talent than the other seasons with a bloated roster of 64 participants after the blind auditions. 64 became 40 after the battle rounds, which featured the steal for the first time. Cee-Lo made the biggest blunder during this round, underestimating Amanda Brown, and pairing her with early favorite Trevin Hunt. Their duet of Vision of Love is one of the greatest moments in the show's history.

    All three coaches slammed the steal button when Cee-Lo announced Trevin the winner, but it was Adam who ended up the real winner, taking Amanda from Cee-lo and all the way to the top 6. Trevin finished 4th, 1 week later, and by all accounts could have won the Voice, if not for Cee-Lo's abysmal song choices. Michael Bolton, Bette Midler, Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All, every week just got more nauseating.

    After Trevin's departure the final saw a unique cast of characters. Cassadee, was joined by fellow teammate Terry McDermott, a Scottish rocker with a crystal clear tone than owned the classic rock category. He made it into the final by delivering a perfect rendition of the Beatle's Let it Be.

    The third finalist was one of the fan favorites, Nicholas David. The fact that this scraggly Aaron Neville-esque guy managed to crack the top 3 in what is essentially a popularity contest for teenage girls is nothing short of a miracle. He did it by being the most fun and interesting, the most captivating. Clearly the guy has a good heart. Here's my favs from Nick.

    Nick and Terry were great, but honestly they don't belong on the same stage as Cassadee, and it's not just because Cassadee was already an established pop star who fronted the band "Hey Monday" which toured with Fall Out Boy. (If you're upset that an established artist won the Voice, don't be. All 3 winners were nowhere close to amateurs)

    I can't believe I'm saying this, because early on I thought Cassadee was just another cookie cutter pop star, and I wanted her to go home...that was until her performance of Over You. And every performance after that. Adam pointed out that the country thing worked and really suited her well, and it was nothing but power ballads after that, in which she not only outshined her competition, but the original artists as well.

    With a flawed voting system, which saw purchases of the artist's iTunes tracks count as ten times the normal voting method, all viewers had to do to find out who won was go to the iTunes top100 singles chart. So it wasn't a surprise that Cassadee won after her performance of Cry hit #1 on itunes. Hopefully, the producers will fix this obvious flaw for next year's competition.

    Speaking of which, Season 4 is just around the corner with Shakira and Usher taking over for Christina and Cee-lo during their hiatus. Cee-lo has already confirmed he will be back for season 5.
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