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Thread: Lighting Returns - Final Fantasy XIII

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    Default Lighting Returns - Final Fantasy XIII

    Square-Enix third installment of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. It seems that this game will be more action-RPG oriented with character customization. You can clearly see on the trailer that she have different types of clothes and shields during battle. It looks really good!! Check the trailer:

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 'Extended Debut Trailer'

    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - Presentation [English Sub] - Over 30 minutes long.

    I for one liked FFXIII, because of Lighting. I love her design on that game and on FFXIII-2. Lighting really looked 10 times better as a Valkyrie of Valhalla, but since she wasn't the protagonist on XIII-2, I avoided that piece of crap of a sequel like I was never a fan. Now, she have an even cooler design than the Valhalla costume, and she is back as the main character. Not only that, but the mechanics of the game looks promising. My faith in Final Fantasy games could be restored with this game.
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