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View Poll Results: Do you think CDs will become obsolete one day?

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    1 11.11%
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    4 44.44%
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    1 11.11%
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    3 33.33%
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Thread: Do you think CDs will become obsolete in the near future?

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    Yo I got MINI-FUCKING-DISKS up in this biznitch..alt data storage 4 lyfe sun!

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    But you cant copyright data where with a CD its encrypted in its image, otherwise there wouldn't be money to be made. Record labels and deals would fail as anybody could transfer files and claim it to be their own. I think there will be a new storage template that will have to be introduced before CDs die, or we'd be using USB sticks already but again would contradict the above argument and many stereo systems which don't support USB input as you cant buy such a player.

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