this was a big thread on the old wutang site with ppl tellin every1 there worst sexual tings

some of em were crackers

heres one to start off

chillin with this chik, wen she says lets go bk to her crib
so were at her crib playin around wen she says i need sex now
so me bein a hot blooded male i stepped forward lol

so were in the middle of it now wen her sister comes home, and the chik im with shares a room with her sista, so the sister comes up the stairs and sees up at it doogystyle facin the door she came thru

but this is the bad part

the sista that walked thru the door was a girl i fuked a week earlier n i didnt know they were sisters
so the girl i fuked a week earlier came in the bedroom and screams james wot u doin wit amy (sisters name)
n she started screwin sayin y havent i called her
so i finished wot i was doin, took the johhny of and thru it at the wall and as they looked to c where it had gone, i ran out the front door and legged it dwn the street wit my boxers on

i got worse ones but this one craks me up everytime i tell it