Whoever said a lame was dope
Ill break ya nose
In this game you got the fakest pose
So quit chasing hopes just save it, bro
cus you aint writing you're really only making jokes
Your face get broke, get all out dead
Thats why no bitch replied to the callout thread
Im modest, honest, your head ill drop it
Your still staring at the ground, not cus i said you dropped ur pocket
They dont wannit, but here's the open topic
Mods come in here like straight murder, then lock it
With the punches ill let my writs mingle
& shift signal to pussies as the eye of ur chicks twinkles
its simple, giving you all shit like Chris Cringle
but Ill leaving holes in ya face worse than ya bitch dimples
Its like when i registered, no harm
both cards theres a pun, so dont choke (laughs)
Ok I wont lie i do drugs and smoke shards
but your as useless as a lighter with no spark
Prolly get junk forcin they way in on some corpse shit
to thinkin they can rhyme some sort of importance
So to any ill writer im sure the scum bored em
& til any fgt steps up im assume im the king of this sub forum

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