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Thread: so let's get this straight.....2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by sickdog View Post
    ffs ... hope its bullshit. how i tired of all that bullshit stuff he is doing now. i was hoping for new Cypress with Muggs on beats, as they promised or some new VS series album with some real rapper. hope he will not waste much time on them unnamed niggaz.
    alright, everyone remember this comment right here.

    because when meyhem puts out the best muggs vs. album, then we can go back to this thread and say, "damn, that shit was so goddamn WRONG."

    because to hip hop heads in the know, meyhem lauren is far from unknown.
    cats been puttin out straight HEAT for the last 3 years.

    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius


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    meyhem is one of the better ytoung cats out now. personally i think hes even better than action bronson. barely but still.. guy got fire.

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    action & meyhem are becoming this generations ghost & rae.

    fuck it, i said it.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius


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    fuck young cats. iam old, i need old cats, have no interest in young ones. give me new cypress, some unreleased cypress and u can go do whatever u want. dubstep, shit step, vs meyhem or lil wein i dont give a fuck. iam tiered of empty promises.

    btw as a long time SA fan i can say that Muggs is a big lier, so dont expect anything to much, this shit may not happen at all.

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    when I made this thread I wasn't too sure if the year was going to be amazing, but fuck it, this is a great year for hip-hop.

    Killah Priest's double album sounds great

    we just heard a single off Ghost/Adrian's album and it's banging. drops April 16

    Ras Kass Barmaggedon dropped and it didn't suck. in fact, it's his best since his debut

    Nigerian faggot tyler the creator just confirmed his Wolf album and it has potential to be good... more importantly, Earl's Doris is dropping this year

    CZARFACE is dropping in like 5 days

    also this month, Ill Bill will be releasing (for the very first time) an album worth coping

    Necro and Kool G Rap are going to give us a gutter album this summer

    and everybody's favorite mc, ra the rugged man, is dropping his second album in 20 years lol

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    A new Cannibal Ox maxi single is dropping this spring, and they're looking for fan designed cover art. Check it out y'all. Ends March 1st.

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