I think the first Expendables is better because i thought there was more action than the 2nd one. Even though the 2nd one had Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and bigger parts by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, i was a little disappointed that the action was better in the first one. I was also disappointed that Jet Li wasn't in the 2nd one that much. Props to Sylvester Stallone for directing the first one. I was kinda surprised he had Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts in the first one. Eric is good at playing a bad guy. I don't know if ya'll saw Sylvester's Get Carter movie which Mickey Rourke is also in. I'm guessing that's why Mickey was in The Expendables because him and Sylvester must be friends. Mickey whipped Sylvester good in Get Carter and i usually don't see Sylvester take a asswhipping except for Rocky movies.