Chillin with my girlfriend, makin love all week-end, see i'm not fronting like i love pulling bitches outta nowhere. did it in my young days, its nothing, not worth potential STDs, fighting with official boyfriends. true love-making is superior.

With the lights on and some mood music, its even better.

we're a bit freaky with it, but im currently not looking for high-bpm doggystyle music such as reggaeton, id like to have your opinion on whats good mood music for love-making. "current" music would be better, i know all about al greens, barry whites, isaac hayes and so on... but if you have some single song picks from 70s soul, go ahead

for example, last time we got it on with the XX and the Weeknd in the background. The XX was the best, just exactly the right atmosphere. i like trip-hop but dont really know alot about it, apart from massive attack or portishead.

any past experiences with a particular artist or album?

and please, if youre a virgin, i have no pb with it, but dont talk about what youd like to listen to when youll eventually get laid. i just want some experience-approved answers, id rather get no replies than fake ones...