the z blew up, fire and brimstone,
washington carver the sire of this poem
rock a fitted Strypz cap another fellon
Asher on the radio, selling, fake melinin
El in Degenrous hand, selfish as fuck
holding her bucks, Santa Duck Goose truck
loose tuck, in your shirt, got fired from Del Taco
motherfuckin illuminati play Sampson felt macho
your the type of slave they say, that fights today
I hate Hustle and Flow, 3 Six made him die in the microwave
Hunger Gluttony Different FLows, Homuncluous in Envy
Stick in my hand Swing bats Alluminum don't tempt me
they sent me to destroy you, Cooler getting sunned
by Gohan, Golden Guns, Holding Suns watching tv
easy on the cd but hard in the temple
smash the shit like bam bam, instrumentals assemble