I've been a soldier for the king and don't deserve this ill treatment,
ain't nothing can excuse the breaking of gods law,
I've taken to this life partnered with Jigsaw,
a man cannot afford to earn an honest living No more, but we still expected to restore the wages of the church since the dark ages, still today the priest deals with face less racists,
what part of the game of that,
they say my words run as little as the cold wind,
infused with the poison from a scorpion sting,
A whole generation of vipers,
i'm comforted by the mongoose who brings the peace to my heart,
The snake never stood a chance before it was ripped apart,
The blood does something to me
Similar to a shark,
I know when they bleed,
I know when is time to take heed and disappear faster than light speed,
I come back in the third day fuels by greed,
My necklace gleam,
Crafted by the tips of the tongues who spoke against my team,
Any action against the throne must be punished ruthlessly for that's the only way to maintain the absolute power of a KING.... @jehovallah