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Thread: NEW 2013 STYLE track "Apocalypso" music by Znd

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    Default NEW 2013 STYLE track "Apocalypso" music by Znd

    from the "5th Density" album coming feb 14th.

    got that colt 45 n that loud in me
    got me feelin like billy D in cloud city
    every word that i utter like a cow titty
    is smooth as butter so these motherfuckers downin me
    blow my brains out what these niggas wishin
    they yellin mao mao pull the trigger pistols clickin
    i'm just tryna get it while i'm still alive an kickin
    the answer to the question fo my spirit reaches heaven
    an defy the laws of physics like the towers bldg 7
    they tryna ban the rifles but my mental is the weapon
    put one in yo fitted from a parallel dimension
    this is the the ascension 2012 was the beginnin
    this is dedicated to the crystal children livin
    in world that feels like its only filled with villians
    they used to try to kill em with the food and medication
    but now they getting desperate so they resorted to sprayin

    its bout to be a wrap like some cigarillo paper
    the system breakin down illuminati gettin vapors
    i hope i get to see the day when angels battle satan
    while their nations burn i just play that usher raymon
    so close that i can taste it its the glitches in the matrix
    they steady tryna break us but we breakin out the cages
    you can see it in the faces of the people broken hearted
    they expected change but all they got was the obamas
    i already seen what a nigga does with power
    so i dont trust him like sandusky in the showers
    cause he'll try to fuck me like a stripper after hours
    got me i'm pullin 24s like jack bauer
    when i'm dead and gone there be plenty time to sleep
    i'm howlin at the moon i tryna be a sheep
    leave it up to chance therll be shackles on yo feet
    a chip in yo hand robocops on yo street.

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    u already know
    told u on FB this was crack


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    yessir! that dude Znd is some kind of musical prodigy. he makes beats playing nothing but keys on his triton. mushroom music.

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