So it's often been debated which Wu album is the best as a whole, BUT what if you look at from a different angle?

If you guys were purely looking at beats, which Wu album is the best?

On the other hand, if you were purely looking at lyrics, which album would be the best?

For me, the best on a beats level would probably be Tical 2000. That album was just so dark and gritty. It was a natural progression of Meth's first joint. My second choice would probably be Ironman. That was pretty much the pinnacle of RZA's production. He took everything he learned from the previous Wu solos and combined it altogether for that masterpiece.

Now for lyrics, my choice would probably be Legend of the Liquid Sword. GZA took it to another level on that one. He really hit his stride on that one. (although I think an argument could be made for any GZA album as the best lyrically, really)

So what do you guys think?