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Thread: Settled...Miller cashes out Finesse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longbongcilvaringz View Post
    Who's arguing about the legality of it? It's a principle. Since mixtapes have been around everyone has been doing what this mac miller did without fear of some money hungry douche like Finesse suing them. Finesse may have not stolen that sample in a legal sense, but looping 5 seconds and then adding drums and selling it for profit is theft in a principled sense.

    I don't listen to any of Mac Miller's shit, but rap fans are idiots for thinking this is ok just because it's happening to some college rapper or whatever he is.
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    even though finesse may be kinda wrong for this, mac miller is one of the biggest culture vultures to ever get this much shine in the history of the art form.

    so, if you defend this fuckin fake ass sodomite....

    over the o.g. who gave us this (and much, MUCH more)....

    you need to turn in your hip hop culture card (if you had one) because it has officially been revoked. #truefacts.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius

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    No one is defending or supporting mac miller in this thread

    Finesse is a fucking idiot for this. Its the single most hypocritical thing an artist especially from the golden era could possibly do.

    In his old age his options probably came down to either a frivolous law suit or a night shift at Wendys.

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    fuck that.

    was he tryin to get some paper? yes.

    but was he also trying to protect the hip hop culture from this fucking faggit cancer named mac miller at the same time??


    fuck mac miller.
    i hope every producer who ever was unfortunate enough to have this 'zoid "freestyle" over any of their beats sues the fuck out of this punk bitch.

    or beats him into a coma with baseball bats and sledgehammers.

    and to think.....i thought that "i love college" cracker was bad.
    this fucking guy is the WORST.

    he even makes krumple look masculine.

    yes. i am a hater.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius

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    What are you 12?

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    i just want mac miller gone & broke.

    kinda like finesse does.

    thats all.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius

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    Quote Originally Posted by DR. NICK RIVIERA View Post
    ups, I mixed up Lethal and Miller
    That's OK, you've now been forgiven! hahahaha

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