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I've been saying this. As far as hip-hop goes it's been Raekwon since 2009, look at how much shit he's dropped and how many guest spots he's hopped on. Definitely been carrying the Wu on his back. Ghost has been just sticking to dropping albums and touring which is good too but you have to give the work ethic award to Raekwon. Rza is definitely holding down the Wu as far as hollywood goes, no question. Priest is holding down the underground shit as well, he took a hiatus but he's gonna drop something heavy next month, I can feel it. Everyone else needs to step up or retire, it's getting to the point where we don't care. Method Man pisses me off man, imagine if he's putting out mixtape after mixtape album after album. I'm sure there's plenty of producers willing to work with him but oh well.
Well said my friend

To the faggot who said something about Wizard of Poetry. I dont even like that album. It was a wack move by Ghost in my opinion.