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well..........since i have had the esotericless version for about 2 weeks now, that makes your statements completely wrong and misinformed.
I see. So this was an official release and hard copy you are currently holding in your hand?


Was this created by some walrus looking goof in his mom's basement with beyond shit sound quality?


Did Cilvaringz create it for you and email it to you in a zip file so it wouldnt take away from your valuable hard drive space reserved for animal porn and videos of people chopping off their dicks?


Regardless, Czarface follows the recent successful Raekwon blueprint and keeps the tracks short. Almost all the tracks are around 3 - 3:30 minutes.

I understand your erection starts to get soft when you can no longer hear Deck's voice in your ear and gets rudely interrupted when Eso comes on, but having a version, or even wanting a version like that is retarded.