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they're doing it because they have to. no names that need buzz. meth isnt a no name trying to get himself out there.

not constantly putting out studio albums and mixtapes hasnt hurt the rolling stones. you dont have to do that when you're a legend in the game with a classic catalog.
Still making excuses. Rolling Stones? That's a whole different genre, you sound lost right now and it's getting worse. Ross Wayne master p meek mill action Bronson etc.... Are a bunch of no names right?

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no one in the clan is putting out anything worth mentioning.

do we want all the members to be like ghost and rae putting stuff out just to say they did that no ons is gonna care about after a few listens?
And yet you're buying wiseman solo albums...lol

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I think it ultimately comes down to that C.R.E.A.M. and putting out a solo just isn't where it's at.
That's why I said at least drop a mixtape type album which most rappers are doing right now. Fuck a studio album. Raekwon just dropped lost jewelry and unexpected victory I'm sure he knew he wasn't gonna really get shit, but he's gotten mad guest features and is keeping his name out there. Like I said no excuse. Nigga is not motivated to make music anymore.