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Thread: Remember the Cure? Good Times

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    Thumbs down Remember the Cure? Good Times

    Remember looking on the back of Bobby Digital album and seeing "The Cure coming soon"? I think that was the first time I was duped by RZA. Before that he was pretty accurate about the Wu Tang solos.

    Soon is not a decade and a half. Killah Priest is in the runner up for Cure/Detox/Act II/ status.

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    disgusting!!!not even in stereo instrumentals....i'm angry all the time

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    Man we're still bitching about this? haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trickology View Post
    Remember the Cure? Good Times
    lmfao repped
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    Quote Originally Posted by digiblunt View Post
    disgusting!!!not even in stereo instrumentals....i'm angry all the time
    The thing that never made sense to me was every solo project was not regarded as his "Official solo album" And he doesn't even flinch about saying this is still coming in the future.

    Then there was the interview (I believe in XXL) where he praised his own lyrical abilities. The whole interview was about RZA's lyrical side. Yet when Bobby Digital is brought up, he scoffs that off as just having fun. He teases the lyrics that he has, that no one has heard! This was when he could continue to mislead the fans further w/ a project that would be here sooner than we thought.

    Birth of a prince comes out and then he reverts back to "Digi Snax" In addition to that for years he continues to promote this "Bobby Digital" character & claims a film is coming out. 12 years later, no Bobby Digital film, no Cure & just other projects to make RZA fans angry that The Cure never happens. What kind of goddamn nonsense is this? He spent a million dollars on a body tech suit & smoking honey dipped blunts laughing that The Cure will usher in era of RZA. The Killah Bee Swarm compilations, the soundtracks, but so frustrating that

    Sidenote: RZA has done so many things in 2 decades, I guess he deserves the respect for the other work he did. Many would have given up after that one single on Tommy Boy.

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    Do you remember de Cure? Because I dont.
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