yall prolly know i cant view a few pages due the blockage up here but i continued to receive hate from some individuals up here when i dont even know yall..i guess when you dont got it your so childish to cry and spread hate..i provided yall with hot material if yall checked out my beats how could you hate a wu tang henshmen im not here to quarell with childish individuals who spread hate for no reason im here to uplift the wutang empire i already stated to bronze nazareth, kevlaar 7 or cilvaringz to get at me I GOT THE WU SOUND WU FEEMS BEEN MISSING and sueded beats for yall but yall continue to ignore greatness i guess most of yall dont want a wu family and see the empire rise and if i can contribute i do so so please act your age and keep it moving this goes to the haters for no reason go and sharpen ya skills and be positive im not a kid thats here to fight like we are back on kindergarten..this is goldeniron..for those who missed it check the beats i got shredder apocrevix & recaptured healtynessc in the audio booth..nr 10 & 11 are for bronze nazareth..thnx