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Thread: Sag Your Pants In Boston, Get Three Years In Prison

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    Default Sag Your Pants In Boston, Get Three Years In Prison

    The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts, a Boston-based community organization gone mad, is proposing that people who sag their pants in Massachusetts be imprisoned for up to three years under an arcane “Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency, and Good Order” law. From their website:

    “The Black Mental Health Alliance of Massachusetts (BMHAM) a Boston based mental health advocacy organization released an Anti-Saggy Pants video today, which is running on major television outlets in the Boston market. The video targeted to young urban dwellers in Massachusetts is the brainchild of Dr. Omar Reid, President and Founder of BMHAM says the the video’s purpose is to address the growing issue of young men walking in the streets of our communities without regard and respect for themselves and thier (sic) community.

    ‘For the BMHAM it’s a behavioral health issue in our neighborhoods and communities that must be addressed the entire community.’ says Dr. Reid. ‘This is just the beginning of our public strategy to encourage parents, schools, police, social service agencies, housing agencies, faith based organizations along with men and women in our community to take a collective stand and tell our young men and boys to pull those pants up,’ said Reid.”

    I browsed around the group’s website and found that Dr. Reid, the president of the group, wears a bow tie and top hat. Unfortunately there’s no law on the books that can jail him for dressing like Mr. Monopoly. If you want young men to stop sagging their pants, just hire a big, tough guy to walk behind them and whisper “nice ass” in their ear.

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    "underwear exposed, Hip Hop style"

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    2-3 years in a jail or prison? lolz.

    but then in some countries women aren't even allowed to expose their arms and legs.

    i find exposed underpants unnecessary.
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    The Black Mental Health Alliance of proposing that people who sag their pants in Massachusetts be imprisoned for up to three years...
    Maybe some other group should propose that BMHAM members should undergo mental health screening.

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    I thought the style lately was for dudes to wear girl pants and leg warmers?
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    I like the fat black man on House Of Payne and he's very funny.

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