_funny_girl1> hi !
ChiefLoudBird> ! ih

_funny_girl1> from where ?
ChiefLoudBird> urf

_funny_girl1> ???
ChiefLoudBird> where are you from ?

_funny_girl1> Canada
_funny_girl1> you ?

ChiefLoudBird> urf
_funny_girl1> where is that ?
ChiefLoudBird> in space

_funny_girl1> very funny
ChiefLoudBird> funny girl
ChiefLoudBird> are you laughing ?

ChiefLoudBird> do you want to flirt with me ?
_funny_girl1> hahahahahaha

ChiefLoudBird> for real do you ?
ChiefLoudBird> guess not
ChiefLoudBird> i'm rich

_funny_girl1> i don't flirt with space man
ChiefLoudBird> ChiefLoudBird i'm rich
_funny_girl1> i'm happy for you

ChiefLoudBird> ]
_funny_girl1> i am not rich
ChiefLoudBird> i can make you rich
ChiefLoudBird> o well
_funny_girl1> how

ChiefLoudBird> come see me in space
_funny_girl1> lol
ChiefLoudBird> are you from space
ChiefLoudBird> ?

_funny_girl1> i am a person of the world
ChiefLoudBird> and where is the world
ChiefLoudBird> ?

_funny_girl1> in space
ChiefLoudBird> right
ChiefLoudBird> so your a space woman right ?
_funny_girl1> i must be

ChiefLoudBird> correct
ChiefLoudBird> so do you wanna flirt with me ?
_funny_girl1> how old are you ?
ChiefLoudBird> how old are you ?]
_funny_girl1> i asked first

ChiefLoudBird> i asked second
ChiefLoudBird> i'm mature

_funny_girl1> i'm waiting for answer
ChiefLoudBird> 30
_funny_girl1> i'm mature too
_funny_girl1> that is not mature

ChiefLoudBird> ?
ChiefLoudBird> splain
ChiefLoudBird> what are you 78
_funny_girl1> i dbl. your age
ChiefLoudBird> then your a funny woman not a funny girl
_funny_girl1> the zone gave me that nick
_funny_girl1> but i am funny

_funny_girl1> my friends call me crazy Yo
ChiefLoudBird> yo
ChiefLoudBird> ?
_funny_girl1> Yolanda
ChiefLoudBird> whats your ethnicity ?

_funny_girl1> French Canadian
ChiefLoudBird> taste good

_funny_girl1> what is yours
ChiefLoudBird> i'm from space
_funny_girl1> ok no more clue from me either then
ChiefLoudBird> your 60 for real ?

_funny_girl1> yes.look 50...feel 30.crazy as 20 lol
ChiefLoudBird> wow
ChiefLoudBird> i like you

_funny_girl1> i'm glad to know that
ChiefLoudBird> i'm know to glad that
_funny_girl1> you play well
ChiefLoudBird> naw

_funny_girl1> si
_funny_girl1> gg
ChiefLoudBird> that was too close
_funny_girl1> you don't like to be close ?
ChiefLoudBird> ?

_funny_girl1> how can you flirt if you stay far apart
ChiefLoudBird> in game or life ?
_funny_girl1> in both

ChiefLoudBird> yeah i eat cheese too
_funny_girl1> only cheese
ChiefLoudBird> thats it and nothing else
_funny_girl1> that's why you are rich.lol

ChiefLoudBird> yeah but i allways have a stomach ache
_funny_girl1> at 30 ? hummmm
ChiefLoudBird> only cheese
_funny_girl1> what kind of...

ChiefLoudBird> linburger
ChiefLoudBird> can you cook ?
_funny_girl1> i just finish eating Feta cheese
ChiefLoudBird> i also bite rhino legs
_funny_girl1> lol

ChiefLoudBird> do you ?
_funny_girl1> too bad mine are human legs
ChiefLoudBird> i nibble on those
_funny_girl1> lol

_funny_girl1> you are funny i like that
ChiefLoudBird> like funny i are you
_funny_girl1> you got me again

_funny_girl1> you should smile
ChiefLoudBird> i can't
_funny_girl1> every one is crazy about my smile
ChiefLoudBird> which one ?

_funny_girl1> my real smile
ChiefLoudBird> naw i mean which one
_funny_girl1> which one what ?

ChiefLoudBird> aww never mind
_funny_girl1> finally a human word
ChiefLoudBird> i not human though
_funny_girl1> too bad

ChiefLoudBird> too good
ChiefLoudBird> i'm better than human
_funny_girl1> i only flirt with human man
ChiefLoudBird> i'm a robot from space
ChiefLoudBird> you'll love me

_funny_girl1> lol
_funny_girl1> do you clean houses
ChiefLoudBird> naw i dance
ChiefLoudBird> and i'm !%#@$ under my clothes

_funny_girl1> do you mowe grass
ChiefLoudBird> #@$!%#@$!%
_funny_girl1> ya both your clothes are made of steel

ChiefLoudBird> it won't let me say #@$!
_funny_girl1> but
_funny_girl1> not both
ChiefLoudBird> n ay ked

ChiefLoudBird> nay ked
_funny_girl1> lol
ChiefLoudBird> i'm nay ked under my clothes
_funny_girl1> but you are made of stell
_funny_girl1> and stell is a cold material

_funny_girl1> i need warm skin
ChiefLoudBird> naw i'm a rubber robot
ChiefLoudBird> bounce bounce
_funny_girl1> rubber aint warm either
_funny_girl1> bounce like your money lol

ChiefLoudBird> i have a built in heater
_funny_girl1> then the rubber must melt...ouashhhh
ChiefLoudBird> i need batteries for my nose
ChiefLoudBird> double d
_funny_girl1> you still are a kiddo

ChiefLoudBird> this is true i haven't hatched yet
ChiefLoudBird> do you eat eggs ?
_funny_girl1> too bad .. i only flirt with real men .not little boy
ChiefLoudBird> ok - i need to be changed

_funny_girl1> from your rubber diaper lol
ChiefLoudBird> naw my diaper is metal
ChiefLoudBird> clunk clunk
_funny_girl1> you said you are a rubber robot

ChiefLoudBird> i'm rubber my diaper is metal
_funny_girl1> lol
ChiefLoudBird> and i eat leather pancakes
_funny_girl1> i don't play with child sorry
ChiefLoudBird> ok
_funny_girl1> I tough you said you were mature
ChiefLoudBird> well i lied
_funny_girl1> i can see that
ChiefLoudBird> at 60 ?
_funny_girl1> you are very unmature

ChiefLoudBird> are you trying to hurt my feelings ?
_funny_girl1> not at all
ChiefLoudBird> i wasn't looking to marry you
_funny_girl1> neither was I

_funny_girl1> i am already marry
ChiefLoudBird> you wasn't looking to marry you ?
_funny_girl1> and I wouldn't do that crazy thing twice
ChiefLoudBird> me too

_funny_girl1> once in once too much
ChiefLoudBird> but i like to spank
_funny_girl1> me at contrary I like to be caress
_funny_girl1> we are not a good match lol
ChiefLoudBird> i know - i'm nice

_funny_girl1> nice.young and rich is impossible
ChiefLoudBird> ok
_funny_girl1> I don't think you will find a woman who wants to flirt the way you make your appoach..lol
_funny_girl1> approach
_funny_girl1> gg

_funny_girl1> suddenly the robot is quiet
_funny_girl1> I push the switch off.lol
_funny_girl1> my tougue is stuck on frozen metal lol
_funny_girl1> toungue

_funny_girl1> is my robot broken or crying ?
_funny_girl1> hahahahahahahaha
_funny_girl1> gg

_funny_girl1> why don't you make me laugh still sweety
_funny_girl1> does robot get mad ?