Now now , let's be clear, I know trash exists in every race and I adress em all, however we are talking about this exact situation which has to do with a black mall cop doing his job and the outrage it's caused because it's towards blacks, initially this thread was based on the fact that I agree with his didn't take long before this thread was derailed into a racially motivated topic so since we going there..let's go there, what kills me here is how this can even be an issue if race to some when it's a black man dealing with other blacks rofl..and I won't speak on white communities and their internal problems because I don't delve into them or deal with them so I'd rather speak on what I know best, what I'm familiar with, no matter what anyone says..I'm not changing my stance...guys like me are usually chastised as those who hate our love our kind enough not to be delusional about reality, like I said before...when someone is walking into a hole...u have 2 choices...u can either watch em fall into that pit or you can run,grab their hand and remind them their blind and they heading Into danger... Political correctness has never been a strong point for me...something I don't apologize for either