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That Rob Parker dude who got fired from espn is a prime example. Doggin rg3 as being a " cornball brotha" because he like white pussy and votes republican. Its like they put limits on themselves.

I like basketball, black chicks and rap and i voted for a black guy. And im white and the only people who would take offense to this in the white community are the scumbags. Aka rednecks.

Whites have their own problems. Look at the current state of the republican party. Its basically a baptist redneck haven. Which is why whites have been leaning democrat lately.
Exactly...it's the same mentality that stops them from going anywhere...that's why a lot of them are too afraid to leave the "hood" even when it's clearly a bad environment for them, even when they know opportunities exist outside the hood, this is what they are not understand, you can play victim and dwell in self pity your whole life..but we in a world where nobody gives a fuck about your excuses for being "black", these people are milking something even those before them who actually went through it aren't...I'm sitting here arguing with people challenging my"blackness" meanwhile I can bet u..half of them haven't seen half the shit I've been through because I was "black", that's why they are pretentious to me..I used to get chased by racists every damn day after school and beat up..it got so bad one day..one of them throw a rock at my eye and I was blinded for 2 months on my right eye..I wore an eye patch, that's real racism...I went through it..I lived in apartheid south Africa where even some blacks hated you for talking different but u won't find me using it as a clutch...as an excuse to not compete, to not manifest class, to act irrational towards everyone even those who have no part in the nonsense...that's why I laugh every time my blackness is put to the test..what the fuck do a lot of them know about racism? What ? Someone calls u a nigger? Shit if that's all I was called growing up..it would beat almost getting killed for it...

I'm a man..I make no excuses for my failures..I don't have time to be pointing fingers at the man and being a bum because of my skin color..I know what's out there and I've opened my mind to going to get it...I really pity them..those who are in their little box thinking the rest of the world is not accessible to them...really sad to me