White people will never understand why poor blacks sell drugs and get welfare checks and food stamps. They do these things because they can't get a job. They know that it's not easy to get a job but yet they continue to make racist comments about blacks. When blacks can't get jobs, they're gonna sell drugs and get welfare. That's just the way it is. So deal with it. When white people stop discriminating against blacks with employment, then they will see blacks stop selling drugs and stop getting welfare. They will also see crime stop happening in black neighborhoods. White people think getting a education is gonna guarantee blacks a good job and that's not true. Getting a college diploma doesn't guarantee blacks a good job. Plus the reason why most blacks don't go to college because they think school is boring and they don't have money to go. It's sad that in 2013 we still got blacks unemployed, selling drugs, killing each other and whites think just because Barack Obama is president that things are gonna change with blacks.

I have a nephew who graduated from high school last year and he's been unemployed since last summer. I'm lucky that i have 2 jobs and i've been trying to leave my part time job to find another job but i haven't had any luck. So i stopped looking and that's what usually happens with most unemployed blacks. When they can't find a job after they've filled out several applications, they stop looking and do illegal stuff to get money because blacks aren't gonna sit around and wait on jobs to call them. Blacks have a history of being independent ever since we've been brought to america because when we weren't slaves anymore, we had to have our own businesses because whites wouldn't let us shop at their businesses.

White people act like it's so hard for them to figure out why blacks do illegal stuff to get money when they don't have a job. There's some unemployed whites that do illegal stuff to get money. So they need to stop acting like blacks are the only ones who do illegal stuff because the bottom line is you gotta do what you gotta do to survive because nobody is gonna give you money to take care of yourself.