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I didn't read the article you posted. I'm gonna check it out. Bottom line like i said before is that whites are still racist towards blacks with employment. So you're saying all white people are racist against black people with jobs? I've said this a million times that the only way crime is gonna go away in the black neighborhoods is that poor blacks need jobs and jobs that pay good. Unemployed blacks will leave drug dealing alone when they get jobs. Whites could care less about blacks killing each other because it doesn't affect them. Why do you say that? Their racist asses think blacks like killing each other and they like drug dealing. Reality is that black men don't like drug dealing and don't wanna kill each other to get money. Any one that drug deals loves money, and you think only poor people with no jobs deal drugs? Well I have some news for you then. They do these things because they don't have a job and they gotta survive. When blacks start coming in white neighborhoods to rob and kill them, i bet their racist asses mentality will change and give poor blacks jobs.
Are you even black?